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Have a problem with how I play Joshua?  Is his giggling getting too irritating for you?  Drop me a comment and I'll try to fix it!  (Unless it really is about his giggling.  That will never go away, hee hee~.) Anon and screening are both on.

Or, if you'd rather spend some quality time alone with me, you can PM me or IM me at madcap jest.
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I know you're the watcher. We need to talk. It's important. Bring along someone you trust if you want, but make sure they're clear. If you need further incentive, I know the identities of the hunters Luke will be revealing.
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[After a rather huge revelation from Beat, Joshua is going to basically run (or at least hurry with dignity) around town until he finds Ciel and Charles.]

Right. Remember when I said I doubted Beat knew anything? It turns out I was incredibly, incredibly wrong. Well, I suppose even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and Beat's unpredictability is his greatest asset. At any rate, I was right about one thing - Rapunzel did confide in Beat about her results. And it seems she was a far more useful bloodhound than we thought. [YEAH JOSH IS BASICALLY DRAGGING THIS OUT FOR THE DRAMATIC TENSION...]
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[He shuts the door behind him and exhales.]

You knew Rapunzel was the bloodhound beforehand. Did she give you any results?
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[Joshua will act like his usual trolly and giggly self until they get to his room. Once the door shuts though, his expression instantly goes serious.]

You've had enough time to readjust to the game, I assume? Tell me your role.


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